Snow Hill (V2) is the 9th episode of Season 2 of Greeny Phatom: The "Slimeo" Take.

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Little Guy, Bluvetta, Little Girl and Neko must stop Makuta from blowing up the hidden crystal which emprisons the legendary Crytek inside.

Meanwhile, Zack, Mavilda and CV try to stall Rash from getting the ice cannon experiment fully completed.

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The episode begins showing Makuta at his lair in the underworld. He then says that he need to come up with a new plan to take out Neko ASAP. He then sees Mary's Peak which is covered in snow. He then starts to think of plan.

Meanwhile at Little Guy's house, he is seen waking up and turning off his alarm on his alarm clock. He then looks out his window and sees that it snowed. He then wakes up his sister, Neko (who moved in to his house) and Bluvetta to show them that it snowed outside. When they look out their window, they are shocked. Neko then states that it would be the perfect time to visit Mary's Peak. Bluvetta then says that it's a great idea. Little Guy then asks where Mavilda, Zack and CV are. Neko then says that they're hanging out in Downtown Corvallis. They then head downstairs to get ready to head to Mary's Peak.

While they're getting ready, T.O.M. is seen trying to hack his way into the Makuta mainframe. He then sees that there's a mainframe virus that broke out into the mainframe. He then heads into his room to see if he can get rid of this virus.

Meanwhile in Downtown Corvallis, Zack, Mavilda and CV are seen walking on the sidewalk having a conversation. Zack then bumps into Rash. Rash then tells Zack to watch where he's going. But before he finished his sentence, he then realized that he came upon Zack in the past. He then tries to hit him. But, Zack goes Super Sayain and beats up Rash and impacts him into the ground. He then returns to his normal state and tells him to pick on someone else to fight. Rash then gets up and gets away from Zack. He then calls Frizea and tells him to meet him at the top of Bald Hill.

At Mary's Peak, we see Little Guy, Little Girl, Bluvetta and Neko in their winter outfits.


Production Edit

According to the Documentary episode, Behind The Take, Slimeo stated that this episode was his take on the Greeny Phatom episode of the same name. The episode's title had the V2 added to avoid confusion.

This episode was produced during Season 1. This episode was meant to be part of the first season, but was scrapped and put away until another time. Slimeo then came across this episode and decided to finish the whole episode.

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