Mavilda is a major character in Greeny Phatom: The "Slimeo" Take.

She became Little Girl's girlfriend due to her becoming a lesbian.

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Original Edit

  • She has ponytail hair and her hair color is red.
  • She wears a white and blue plaid shirt
  • She wears denim short-shorts
  • She wears red patent leather thigh boots

Winter Outfit Edit

  • She wears a red fur faux pom beanie
  • She wears a red hoodie with fur trim

Snow Outfit Edit

  • She wears a red fur faux pom beanies on her head
  • She wears a red coat on her body along with a red scarf around her neck.

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  • In Season 22 of Greeny Phatom, she became Little Girl's Girlfriend after Little Girl became a lesbian.
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