Lignen's A Super Sayain?! Is the 14th episode of Greeny Phatom: The "Slimeo" Take.

Plot Edit

Synopsis Edit

The whole episode revolves around Makuta and army taking over the city of Corvallis, OR and Little Guy reaching a super sayain form for the first time.

Plot Summary Edit

Little Guy is training with Neko and Zack in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber at the Lookout. While they're taking a break, T.O.M. 5 comes into the time chamber warning them that there's a threat in the hometown. Outside at the Lookout, they are shown what's happening in Corvallis. Little Guy then sees Makuta and get angered at him. He then asks T.O.M. 5 to take him, Zack, and Neko to take them back to Corvallis.

Back at Corvallis, T.O.M. 3 is battling Makuta with his sharp sword. The battle is then interupted by Little Guy. T.O.M. 3 then asks him what he doing here. Little Guy tells him that he was told what was going on. He then starts fighting Makuta


Production Edit

In the documentary episode, Slimeo stated that he wanted to put in a scene where Little Guy reaches a suoer sayain form. He then decided to take advantage of that idea and make the whole episode where he's fighting Makuta and at a certain point, reaches the super sayain form.

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