Leo Appears! is the first episode of Season 3 of GP: TST. It's also the first episode of The Portal Saga.

The episode focuses on Little Guy, Zack, and Neko attempting to stop Serpent from resurrecting Crytrek into the world. They are then later joined by the new character, Leo.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with an animated flashback reference to the comic series, Equal, showing Little Guy blasting Crytrek into oblivion with a Kamehameha, and showing T.O.M. 5 and Little Guy returning everything back to normal.

It then goes to present day, showing Little Guy, Zack, and Neko messing around with a wobbly plant that finished growing not too long ago. But then, gunshots are heard from downtown Corvallis. The three then head over there to see what happened.

When they arrive, they see armed forces trying to shoot down an strong threat. The forces then stop shooting at the target, which causes the threat to come out, who is revealed to be Serpent. In his left hand, he's holding a resurrection pod with a soul sealed inside. Neko then realizes who this person is. She's then shocked when Serpent looks at her and recognizes her. Serpent then brutally mashes all the forces and teleports to Neko, causing Neko to have fear in him.


Trivia Edit

  • Slimeo's comic series, Equal, is referenced in the show in an animated flashback.
  • The episode reveals one of Neko's fears, a fear of Serpent who's able to create nightmares in people's dreams. This idea was also used in the Toonami series, Equal.
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