Autumn Brawl is the 4th episode of Greeny Phatom: The "Slimeo" Take.

Plot Edit

CV is walking in the middle of the night when he gets stopped by an unfamiliar face, who challenges him to a brawl in an abandoned warehouse. CV accepts the challenge, only to realize that he made a mistake and must not tell anyone else about the challenge.

Meanwhile, at LG's house, Little Guy wakes up from a bad dream. He then sees CV by the door. CV then tells Little Guy what happened and he tells him not to tell anyone else and to keeps this secret between him and Little Guy. CV then leaves, leaving Little Guy to wonder what was really gonna happen. But then, he realizes that today is the first day and accidentally says it, which causes his sister, Little Girl to spring out of bed in excitement.

Meanwhile, at the park, Little Girl is enjoying the falling leaves while Little Guy is sitting on the bench. Zack the appears and asks Little Guy why her sister is excited. He then responds by saying that she likes Autumn and it's her favorite season. He then sees CV along with a few other people with him walking towards the abandoned warehouse. Little Guy then remembers what CV told him. He then tells Zack to hold on for a moment. Little Guy starts heading towards the warehouse, unaware that Zack is still watching him. Zack then heads towards Little Girl and tells her where Little Guy is heading. The both see CV and realize what's gonna happen. They then start following Little Guy. When they catch up, they both ask Little Guy was going on. He doesn't explain what's really happening, he just tells them that they'll see what happens.


Characters Edit

  • Little Guy
  • Zack
  • Bluvetta
  • CV
  • Little Girl
  • Mavilda

Notes & Trivia Edit


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